What Is? (WEb Development topics)

This page contains a series of explanations of fundamental concepts in web development. After viewing the topics below, please take one of our courses for a more in-depth walkthrough of HTML and CSS.

What is Web Development?

Front-End? Back End?


What is HTML?

<h1> This is a heading element </h1>

What is a Browser?

Chrome, Safari, Firefox, etc.

What is CSS?

Ex: h1 {

color: white; }

What is a Server?

What is a web server?

“I am a firm believer in this...if you can text, you can code.”
— Danita Smith

Courses - Want to Start Learning more?

Now that you have some background information, you may recognize that it all begins with HTML; you can’t style a website if you don’t have anything to style! So HTML is a great introduction to computer science, in my opinion.

Join us for our courses on HTML and CSS, which are designed to be taken together — HTML: A Beginner’s Course first, followed by CSS: Next Steps.

HTML: A Beginner's Course
CSS: Next Steps


Web Development - The process of developing, or managing, content for the Web. You can do front-end or back-end development. Front end is what you see (i.e., HTML, JavaScript and CSS), while back end is what you don’t see (i.e., server-related development, databases, etc.).

HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) - The language that allows you to add structure and content to your website (i.e., add text, images, headings, videos and more with HTML).

CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) - The language that allows you to add style to your website (i.e., colors, fonts, shading, and much more).

Server - A sever is a computer or program that offers a service to another computer. In the case of a web server, it offers up the data that make up a given website. Your browser is responsible for rendering the website on your computer or phone. It receives the information related to the website and then displays that content on your screen.