Start to Code in Under 90 Days:

Create Your First Website, Begin to Program in Java and Learn Fundamental Concepts in Under 90 Days

This program is designed to give you important information related to web programming and fundamental computer programming, while offering you tutorial support, coding examples, reading material and videos to walk you through this information.


We offer an all-in-one package of six courses to get you started in web programming and computer programming.

Start off with web development. Web development is a great way to get started programming, You will learn the importance of syntax when programming and will get accustomed to writing lines of code with funny little braces at the end and other required symbols. Web development also allows you to see what you are creating, as you create it. For these reasons (and more), web development is a great way to start learning how to program!

Our first three courses are:

Video walkthroughs of every exercise

1 - HTML: A Beginner’s Course

This course will teach you foundational knowledge about one of the world’s most popular markup languages—Hypertext Markup Language. You will learn how to structure an HTML document, how to add text to a website, how to add images, links and more.

2 - CSS: Next Steps

Now let's take the website we created in HTML: A Beginner's Course and style it using CSS (Cascading Style Sheets). I will teach how to add colors, borders, fonts, margins and more using Cascading Style Sheets.

3 - Display: Grid

In this course you will learn more about the Grid Layout system in CSS, which is an efficient way of laying out content for your website.

Next, introduce yourself to traditional computer programming.

In these next three courses, you will examine what an IDE (Integrated Development Environment) is, what data types are, how to perform arithmetic operations with code, what logical operators are, how to write if statements, how to use loops and so much more through the Java programming language.

Our next three courses:

4 - Java 1

In this course you will learn about the basics of the Java programming language—variables, the structure of a Java program, data types and how to create a method.

5 - Java 2

In this course you will learn more about numerical operations (i.e., casting, order of operations, incrementing and decrementing, etc.). You will also learn about if statements and control flow statements, in addition to more about Boolean expressions and ternary operators.

6 - Java 3 (Mini-Course)

In this mini-course you will learn about the while loop, the for loop and the do-while loop. You will also complete an activity that puts all of this information together.

You will get, with your purchase:

  1. 6 course booklets in pdf form.

  2. Code for each exercise in each booklet.

  3. 35 Videos (accessed through each course booklet) to walk you through every exercise.

  4. You can also schedule two 1 hour sessions, with either myself or my son, to review the content of theses courses and to ask questions.

Start to Code in Under 90 Days:

Create Your First Website, Begin to Program in Java and Learn Fundamental Concepts in Under 90 Days