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We pick up where we left off in our course, Start to Code in Under 90 Days, with additional topics that will further help you develop introductory skills in computer programming, with Java.


Explore more about methods: how to pass values/arguments into parameters, why we use methods and how to call them. See the following videos below.


In this video learn that we set up parameters, in methods, as placeholders. Next we pass actual values (or arguments) into the method when we want to use, or call, the method.

Why We Use Methods

In this video learn that we use methods to help us reuse chunks of code for specific purposes. It saves time and allows us to be able to check our code, more easily, when it is written in chunks like this.

Calling a Method

When we call a method we are simply using that method in our code to perform its function. To use a method, once it is written, we simply write the name of the method and call it using ( ). When you look through code, look for the ( ) to figure out when the method is being called, or used.


What is an Array?

An array is a data structure that allows you to hold many elements in one construct.

Another Way to Create an Array

There are a couple of different ways to create an array.

What Are Objects and Why Do We Use Them?