Deeper Dives (Programming Topics)

After you’ve taken one of our introductory courses, consider going deeper by delving into additional topics. Some of the videos below come from our mini-courses on various topics, while others are simply additional information related to web programming and computer programming. Take one of our mini-courses for more information.

Loops are a fundamental construct in programming. If you decide to go into programming you will undoubtedly use loops to perform tasks. Learn more about this construct and consider taking our mini-course on loops (Java 3).

Mini-Courses and More Coming Soon

For Loops - Mini Course

Web Development Topics

After taking some of our courses, go on to view more specific examples of things you can do with CSS , HTML and the Display: Grid property.

CSS Blog: Media Queries

Media Queries allow you to set up styles based on the screen size of the device the user is using. You can style just about anything you want!

CSS Transitions

Let’s learn a simple way to add transitions to your website.

CSS Animations: Color Change

CSS animations offer flexibility in style. You must first declare the animation properties for the element you want to animate, then set up the @keyframe characteristics.

CSS Transitions vs. Transformations

There is a difference in how you can apply subtle effects to a website.