How Do I Get Started Programming?

How Do I Get Started Programming? is a series of courses that introduce you to fundamental concepts in computer programming. We walk you through every exercise, in every course, as we build realistic projects together.

Our Courses

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Learn how to build a website with HTML, how to style a website with Cascading Style Sheets and how to begin programming in Java.

Introduce yourself to these concepts with the benefit of a course booklet, videos to walk you through every exercise and the ability to reach out to the instructor, via email, if you have questions. Click on one of the courses below to get started.

Each course comes with:

  1. A pdf course booklet (emailed immediately upon purchase via a secure download link).

  2. Videos to walk you through every exercise (links can be found in the booklets).

  3. Tutorial support from me (if you have one or two questions feel free to reach out to me via email to ask your questions).

If you want to learn at your own pace with the benefit of reading material that you can keep, video walkthroughs of every exercise and instructor support, please join one of our courses. Choose one of the courses above or click the button below to get started for only $4 per course.