How Do I Get Started Programming?

How Do I Get Started Programming? is a series of courses that introduce you to fundamental concepts in computer programming.

We walk you through every exercise, in every course, as we build realistic projects together.


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How Do I get started programming?

About Our Courses

Example From our Java 1 Course

In these courses you will learn how to build a website with the markup language, HTML. You will learn how to add styles to your website using Cascading Style Sheets and how to position content within the Grid Layout system.

You will also learn how to structure a Java program, in our Java 1 course, and how to assign variables and so much more.

In our Java 2 course you will learn about if statements and are about data types in Java.

Finally, move on to our mini-courses to learn about one topic at a time, related to key skills that are fundamental to Java programming (e.g., Java 3 Mini-Course: Loops).

Read, Watch and Complete.

Each course comes with:

  1. A pdf course booklet.

  2. Code for each exercise in the booklet.

  3. Plus, videos (that can be accessed via the booklet) to walk you through every exercise.

You simply need to complete each exercise, with the help of the code in the book and the video walkthroughs, in order to complete the course and learn more about coding.

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