Do You Need a Website—a Personal-Online Resume?

Having a website is like having a business card.
— Danita Smith

Your website could be coming soon!

In this day and age many people (i.e., employer, college recruiters, customers, etc.) are more apt to pick up a phone to visit a website before they will call you. You can manage your online presence by getting a customized website that focuses on YOUR skills, talents and abilities. This is more than just a social media site, it is a way of highlighting your skills with you personal touch.

Feature videos where you want them to go (not where they are designated to go in a social media page). Highlight pictures and tell your own story. If you are a basketball player looking to get recruited, a person looking to change jobs or just an organization that wants to establish your first online presence, I may be able to help. Contact me to get started.

You can choose what information you would like to highlight:

  • Your accomplishments

  • Your goals

  • Your volunteer work

  • and so much more.


Initial setup, $100, which includes;

  • Input sessions to get an understanding of your goals for the website

  • Domain name registration

  • Building of a one - five-page website with your skills, goals, and information highlighted.

  • Sign-off on the website before it is finalized.

Maintenance and upkeep of the website, $25/month. In order to keep and launch your website, we go into the maintenance mode, which includes:

  • One to two updates per month of your website as needed.

  • Updates to videos, images, contact information and text.

  • Connection to social media accounts and consultation on ways to maximize your impact in those accounts.

  • If you require many updates, we can discuss a higher payment plan.

Video Creation:

I can also create custom videos for you that highlight your skills, goals or business. Custom video creation will cost at least $30 per video and will require images and input from you for content.

“Having a website is like having a business card.”
— Danita Smith

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