Do You Need a Website—a Personal-Online Resume?

“Having a website, nowadays, is like having a business card.”
— Danita Smith

Your website could be coming soon!

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In this day and age many people (i.e., employers, college recruiters, customers, etc.) are more apt to pick up a phone to visit a website before they will call you. You can manage your online presence by getting a customized website that focuses on YOUR skills, talents and abilities.

You can have your website up in five days

Feature videos where you want them to go. Highlight pictures and tell your own story. If you are a basketball player looking to get recruited, someone looking to change jobs or just an organization that wants to establish your first online presence, I may be able to help. Contact me to get started.


Maintenance, launch and updates to your website, $30/month.

See our Terms and Conditions.

  • One - two updates per month, 24 updates per year, of your website as needed.

  • Updates to videos, images, contact information and text.

  • Connection to social media accounts and consultation on ways to maximize your impact in those accounts.

  • Ongoing hosting of your website.

  • If you require the addition of more than three pages in a one-month time period, or major revisions to your existing site, there will be a fee of less than the amount of the traditional initiation set up fee.

  • If you require many updates, we can discuss a higher payment plan.

Initial setup, $300, which includes:

  • Several input sessions to get an understanding of your goals for the website

  • Development of a similar video (as noted on this site) based on still images you give me

  • Domain name registration

  • Development and building of a one - five-page website with your skills, goals, and information highlighted.

  • Development of a favicon for your website

  • Sign-off on the website before it is finalized.

See some sample sites here

Video Creation - $20 or more

I can also create additional custom videos for you that highlight your skills, goals or business. Custom video creation will cost at least $20 per video.

You could have your own video featuring your product, hobbies, talents, skills and more.

Product Video

“Having a website, nowadays, is like having a business card.”
— Danita Smith

See our Terms and Conditions.

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