How do I get started programming?

HTMl: A Beginner's course

A video overview of the course

Learn how to build a website in this course! I will teach you how to format text, how to structure your document, how to add images, how to add links and much more.

You will get a course booklet in the form of a pdf document emailed directly to you via a download link.

Each chapter has an easy-to-read explanation of each topic. Also, included in the course booklet are links to videos (see example above) that will walk you through every exercise and every topic.

  1. Read the course booklet (in pdf form delivered right to your email).

  2. View the videos for each chapter (links can be found in the course booklet).

  3. Complete each exercise and let’s build the structure of a website together!

If you get stuck, shoot me an email and I will try my best to respond via email as soon as I can.


  1. Structuring an HTML document

  2. Formatting


  4. Creating lists

  5. Creating tables

  6. Adding images

  7. Creating links

  8. Adding video and audio

  9. An introduction to developer tools