HTMl: A Beginner's course

HTML is the backbone of the Internet. Begin your journey by learning about this fundamental language.


About This Course

This course will teach you foundational knowledge about one of the world’s most popular markup languages—Hypertext Markup Language. You will learn how to structure an HTML document, how to add text to a website, how to add images, links and more.

You will have the benefit of videos to walk you through every exercise, so you are not alone.

In this self-contained course you will find everything you need in the course booklet. The course booklet offers explanations of each concept covered, code in each chapter for every exercise and video explanations of every exercise. You simply need to:

Read, Watch and Complete

  1. Read the each chapter in the course booklet (in pdf form).

  2. Watch the videos for each exercise (links can be found in the course booklet).

  3. Complete the exercises to build your first website.

Video Overview


We will review the basics of how to add content to a website over the course on nine chapters and exercises. We will learn::

  • How to add text to a website

  • How to format that text

  • How to add images

  • How to add video

  • How to add comments

  • and much more!


  1. Structuring an HTML document

  2. Formatting


  4. Creating lists

  5. Creating tables

  6. Adding images

  7. Creating links

  8. Adding video and audio

  9. An introduction to developer tools

Start learning today!