HOw Do I Get Started? Java 2

Now, let’s pick up where we left off in our Java 1 course. Learn more about numerical operations in Java and what control flow statements are.

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In this course you will learn more about numerical operations (i.e., casting, order of operations, incrementing and decrementing, etc.). You will also learn about if statements and control flow statements.

We will delve into if statements, if-else statements, ternary operators and Boolean expressions. As always, you will have the benefit of video walkthroughs for every exercise.

In this self-contained course you will find everything you need in the course booklet. The course booklet offers explanations of each concept covered. The booklet also offers code for every exercise. Finally, video explanations for every exercise can be accessed via links found within the course booklet. You simply need to:

Read, Watch and Complete

  1. Read the each chapter in the course booklet (in pdf form).

  2. Watch the videos for each exercise (links can be found in the course booklet).

  3. Complete the exercises to complete the course.


We will complete several exercises and explain several concepts that will show you how to:

  • Assess the range of values each integer (or numerical) datatype can hold

  • Become aware of Order of Operations rules when coding

  • Understand how to use incrementing and decrementing to increase, or decrease, a value by 1 (this comes in handy when we go on to use loops)

  • Cast one datatype into another

  • Set up if statements

  • Use if-else statements and Boolean expressions

  • Use logical operators and more!


  • Ch. 1: More with Numbers

  • Ch. 2: The If Statement

  • Ch. 3: If - Else Statements

  • Ch. 4: Other Ways to Use If Statements

  • Ch. 5: Logical Operators

We purposely chunk our lessons together in easier-to-understand segments so as not to overwhelm the learners. We must first master and understand these concepts before we can rush into other concepts—after all this is not a race but a course of study to help you understand computer programming. Please get started now with our course booklet.