HOw Do I Get Started? Java 1

Java is one of the most popular programming languages in use. Many web applications, programs and schools use it to implement and teach their projects.

About this Course

In this course you will learn about the basics of the Java programming language—variables, the structure of a Java program, data types and methods. This course is for a beginner.

Don't worry if you don’t get everything right—the more you practice (and the earlier you begin), the better you will become. You will have the benefit of video walkthroughs for every exercise in this course. (See example below).

In this self-contained course you will find everything you need in the course booklet. The course booklet offers explanations of each concept covered. The booklet also offers code for each exercise. Finally, video explanations for every exercise can be accessed via links found within the course booklet. You simply need to:

Read, Watch and Complete

  1. Read the each chapter in the course booklet (in pdf form).

  2. Watch the videos for each exercise (links can be found in the course booklet).

  3. Complete the exercises to complete the course.

Course Content

We will complete several exercises and explain several concepts that will show you how to:

  • Download Java

  • Download the IDE IntelliJ

  • Structure a Java Program

  • Assign variables

  • Complete arithmetic operations

  • Create methods

  • Create objects

  • Use Strings

  • and more.


  • Ch. 1: How Do I Get Started?

  • Ch. 2: Getting Set Up

  • Ch. 3: The Structure of a Java Program

  • Ch. 4: Strings

  • Ch. 5: Ints and Operations (Data Types)

  • Ch. 6: Let’s Put Everything to Use

You can get started right away by getting the course booklet below.