How Do I Get Started Programming?

Display: Grid


In this course you will learn more about the Grid Layout system in CSS, which is an efficient way of laying out content for your website.

In this course you will receive a course booklet that will walk you through the course.

In this self-contained course you will find everything you need in the course booklet. The course booklet offers code for each exercise and video explanations of each exercise (the links for the video library can be found within the booklet). You simply need to:

Read, Watch and Complete.

  1. Review the code for each exercise in the course booklet (in pdf form).

  2. Watch the videos for each exercise (links can be found in the course booklet).

  3. Complete the exercises to complete the course.


We will complete several exercises that will show you how to position content on a website using the Grid Layout system, including:

  • Exercise # 1: Setting Up a Header

  • Exercise #2: Setting Up Fractional Units

  • Exercise #3: Using Auto-Fit

  • Exercise #4: Grid Areas

  • Exercise #5 (Bonus): Overlaying Content

Get the booklet today, and begin taking the course.