How Do I Get Started Programming?

CSS: Next Steps

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A video walkthrough of the course

Now let's take the website we created in HTML: A Beginner's Course and style it using CSS (Cascading Style Sheets). I will teach how to add colors, borders, fonts, margins and more using Cascading Style Sheets.

In this course you will get an ebook (in the form of a pdf document) that will be emailed directly to you via a download link.

In this self-contained course you will find everything you need in the course booklet. The course booklet offers explanations of each concept covered, code in each chapter for each exercise and video explanations of each exercise (the links for the video library can be found within the booklet). You simply need to:

Read, Watch and Complete

  1. Read the each chapter in the course booklet (in pdf form).

  2. Watch the videos for each exercise (links can be found in the course booklet).

  3. Complete the exercises to complete the course.


We will review the basics of setting up your CSS document and styling the website we created by completing six chapters and nine exercises, including:

  • Learning three ways to add style

  • Setting up a separate CSS style sheet

  • Adding colors, fonts, borders, padding, margins and more

  • Learning about pseudo-classes and relationships

  • Using the Grid Layout system to position some of our content on the screen


  1. How Do I Style My Website?

  2. Setting Up the Document

  3. IDs and Classes

  4. Borders, Colors, Fonts and the Box Model

  5. Pseudo-Classes and Relationships

  6. Let's Style Everything Else

Get the booklet today, and begin taking the course.