How Do I Get Started Programming? Java 2 (Course Booklet)

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How Do I Get Started Programming? Java 2 (Course Booklet)


In this course we will pick up where we left off in our first course on Java. Here we will do more with numerical operations because they are fundamental to many things you will do as a programmer.

We will also delve into if statements and if-else statements through common-sense examples—that’s the best way to learn through scenarios that relate to everyday life.

Join us for this course and start learning now.

You will get:

A course booklet immediately upon purchase (course booklet will be sent via a secure download link—please download within 24 hours of receiving the link, as the link is active for that period of time for security reasons).

Videos walkthroughs of each exercise (links are found in course booklet).


We will complete several exercises and explain several concepts that will show you how to:

  • Assess the range of values each integer (or numerical) datatype can hold

  • Become aware of Order of Operations rules when coding

  • Understand how to use incrementing and decrementing to increase, or decrease, a value by 1 (this comes in handy when we go on to use loops)

  • Cast one datatype into another, structure if statements and more!

Begin learning now!

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