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Red and Black Ink, LLC is dedicated to growth through education and history.  Our mission is to help parents play an active role in the educational development of their children and to help people achieve educational success!

Danita Smith


Danita Smith is the founder of Red and Black Ink, LLC. She writes about history and education from the perspective of real life—as a person who has graduated from public schools, obtained her bachelor’s degree in business administration, obtained her M.B.A. from an HBCU and secured a job in a STEM-related field for over 20 years. 

During that time she was a corporate trainer, a business manager and a hiring manager, which required extensive knowledge of disease states, quantitative methods and scientific applications.

She is now applying her skills to the study of computer science by completing a professional certificate program, enrolling in a degree program in the area of web technology and by studying on her own to continue to further her skills in the area of web development and computer science.

Her goal is to teach the principles of computer science through the discipline of web development.

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