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Math Discussions

A series of video explanations of fundamental topics in mathematics.

What is Web Development?

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We offer self-contained courses that allow you to walkthrough introductory computer science content at your own pace, with a course booklet. videos and code for every course.


Learn web development & programming

CSS: Next Steps Computer Science Through the Web.com

How Do I get started programming?

Our courses cover fundamental concepts in HTML, CSS and the Java programming language.

Each course comes with:

  1. A pdf course booklet.

  2. Code for each exercise in the booklet.

  3. Plus, videos (that can be accessed via the booklet) to walk you through every exercise.

All for $3 or less

Tutorial Support

If you are taking one of our classes and you need to reach out with one or two questions, send me an email and I will respond to the best of my ability over email. If you need a deeper discussion, we can schedule an hour-long session online to cover questions from any one course, for just $20 for one hour.

Tutorial Support

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Learn more about tutorial support for our courses

Or many other topics related to computer science.