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Why did I start Computer Science Through the Web?

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Start to Code in Under 90 Days:

Create Your First Website, Begin to Program in Java and Learn Fundamentals Concepts In Under 90 Days

Have you ever wondered how you could get started programming or how you could introduce your child to programming? Well, this 6-in-1 program may be able to help!

Start to Code In Under 90 Days

CSS: Next Steps Computer Science Through the Web.com

An all in one course

We offer six courses that teach you fundamental concepts in HTML, CSS and the Display:Grid functionality in CSS, as well as concepts in computer programming through the Java programming language.

The package is a combination of courses that all have standalone booklets and videos to support each exercise.

Each course comes with:

  1. A course booklet in pdf form.

  2. Code for each exercise in the booklet.

  3. Videos (accessed through each course booklet) to walk you through every exercise.

Tutorial Support

If you are taking one of our classes and you need to reach out with one or two questions, send me an email and I will respond to the best of my ability over email. If you need a deeper discussion, you can sign up for personalized sessions where I walk you through much of the course through five online sessions, with the purchase of our Start to Code in Under 90 Days—Personalized Program.

Tutorial Support

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