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Start with our What Is? video explanations. These videos give you an overview of important concepts in web development. Then go on to try one of our courses on HTML, CSS or Display: Grid.

What is Web Development?

CSS Blog: Transitions vs. Transformations

How Do I Get Started Programming? 

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We offer courses that will introduce you to the basics of computer science through the disciplines of web development and computer programming. Each course comes with a pdf booklet that will be emailed directly to you (via a secure download link), videos that will walk you through every exercise and tutorial support from me, should you need it.

$3 for each course

HTML: A Beginner's Course Picture of Book

HTML: A Beginner's Course

Let's build a website! Learn how to add text, images, links, and more. CLICK HERE.

Display: Grid Course Picture of Book

{Display: Grid}

Now let's learn to position our content in several ways using the Grid Layout system in Cascading Style Sheets. CLICK HERE.

How Do I Get Started? Java 1

How Do I Get Started? Java 1

Study the basics of Java...variables, the structure of a Java program, and more. CLICK HERE.

Tutorial Support

If you are taking one of our classes and you need to reach out with one or two questions, send me an email and I will respond to the best of my ability over email. I may not be able to answer every question due to time constraints, but I am certainly willing to respond to a few questions, if you need help.

Our Books

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